System Upgrade

Saturday, August 1 ALL BRANCHES CLOSED

After the System Upgrade this past weekend, all members must complete a one-time re-enrollment for our NEW online banking system.

This brand-new system brings many new services and options:

Robust & Reliable Online Banking

This upgrade includes a significant number of new features and improvements. Most importantly, you will find it to be more efficient with fewer interruptions.

Remote Deposit

Deposit checks whenever/wherever by snapping a quick photo of your check using your cell phone or tablet and click "Send." Get ready to sign up for this incredible feature.

Instant Text Alerts

Avoid surprises with lightning speed text alerts that are available when:

  • You go above or below a pre-determined balance
  • Specific account activity has occurred
  • A specific transaction amount has posted
  • Your loan payment is due or past due

Electronic Signatures

Too busy to come in and sign for various products including loans? You will be provided the opportunity to sign documents electronically giving you more time in your day.

System Upgrade - What you need to know


Does this upgrade affect you?

Yes this is a major overhaul and will impact all members, including joint owners.


Will you have to re-enroll to Online Banking? If so, when?

YES. Starting August 3, you will need to complete a one-time re-enrollment. It is a brand NEW system and passwords cannot be rolled over for security purposes.

To enroll you will need the following information:

Member Number

Social Security Number

Date of Birth

CURRENT Email Address - you will be sent a validation link to your email that we currently have on file to complete the enrollment process.

This new system is member-centric, so joint account owners will now have their OWN login credentials. They will enroll the same way listed above, but with their own information.


If you could save money, wouldn't you?

Get a free assessment of your current home or auto loan and see how much you could save by refinancing with  Telco Triad.

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