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Seeking Part-Time Teller for Sioux City, IA!
Job Description:
Provide service to Credit Union members by conducting appropriate transactions and meeting the needs of members.
Additional duties include:
*Receive checking and savings deposits: verify cash and endorsements, receive proper identification for cash back, and issue receipts of deposit.
*Examine checks and determine proper funds availability based on regulation requirements and complete Hold Notices prior to depositing.
*Process checking and savings withdrawals.
*Cash checks: verify endorsement, receive proper identification, and
ensure validity.
*Identify and/or question checks and currency for counterfeit possibilities
*Answer member inquiries regarding products and services, interest rates, service charges, and account histories while complying with disclosure requirements, regulations and consumer privacy policies.
*Cross-sell or make necessary referral of Credit Union products and services.
Must have previous Cash Handling experience and Customer Service experience. Flexible work schedule.
High School Diploma/GED

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