As a not-for-profit financial institution, our priority is getting you the best rate possible on all our loans and on your investments. Check out our current rates below.

our starting rates

(as of December 1, 2019)


Credit Card Rates
Gold MasterCard: 9.9% APR*

Premium MasterCard: 11.9% APR*

Premium VISA: 11.9% APR*

Loan Rates

Auto Loans:  2.75% APR* for NEW MONEY ONLY 

FHA Home Improvement Loan:  5% APR*

Mortgage Loan:  5.375% APR*  *Rate subject to term and risk-based lending principles.

Home Equity Loan: 4.39%*  *6 year term, including balloon

      Call your local branch to speak with our loan experts for all details.

Member Rates

IRA:  .60% APR** IRA Passbook

Certificates of Deposit:  2.00% APR**

      Call Jenelle at 712-454-5008 for more information on Certificates and IRA's.

   *Rates subject to change. Not everyone will qualify for the lowest rate. Reward-based lending applies. Call Telco Triad's Main Branch for details at 712-252-4368.

**Rates subject to change. Minimum balance required. Call Telco Triad for details at 712-252-4368.


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