As a not-for-profit financial institution, our priority is getting you the best rate possible on all our loans and on your investments. Check out our current loan rates below.

our starting rates

(as of July 18, 2018)



We are currently offering our Certificates of Deposit at 2.40% APY*** for a limited time! Take advantage of this opportunity before it's too late!


Risk-based Loans

Credit Cards:

Gold MasterCard: 9.9% APR*

Premium MasterCard: 11.9% APR*

Premium VISA: 11.9% APR*

Auto Loans: 3.74% APR*

FHA Loan: 5% APR*

Mortgage Loan: 5.375% APR*


Member Rates

Savings Account: .20% APR**

IRA: 1.00% APR**

Certificates of Deposit: as high as 2.20% APR**


*Rates subject to change. Not everyone will qualify for the lowest rate. Risk-based lending applies. See Telco Triad for details.

**Rates subject to change. Minimum and maximum balance required. See Telco Triad for details.

***Interest compounded annually. Valid with 23-month CD, only. Other terms and rates available. Penalty for early withdrawal. Rate special available for CD’s opened after June 19, 2018. See Telco Triad for details.

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