Telco Triad’s Education Corner – Avoiding Fraud

You know that tiny chip that was added to your debit card a few years ago? That little chip has helped reduce fraud due to counterfeit cards by 70% in just two years. But, many ATMs and fuel pumps haven’t converted to the chip technology yet making them prime targets for fraudsters who want to steal your info.

Keep yourself and your card data protected while you’re at the ATM or fuel pump with these simple STEPS:
1. Set online and mobile banking fraud alerts.
2. Tug the card reader. Is it loose?
3. Examine your surroundings.
4. Protect your PIN; cover it with your hand.
5. Scan for security tape seal on pump.

Here are some additional tips to stay safe:

• Use an ATM in a well-lit area.
• Use a fuel pump closest to and facing the store.
• Closely monitor your accounts and call us if you suspect fraud.

Call a SHAZAM Dispute Resolution Specialist at 833-288-1126 to resolve any fraud or disputed charges!

Fuel pump payment kiosk

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