Debit Card Fraud? Call 833-288-1126!

Starting immediately, Telco Triad is turning the power over to YOU! You can speak direct with a SHAZAM Dispute Resolution Specialist at 833-288-1126 to resolve any fraud or disputed charges!


  • As the primary cardholder you’re responsible for filing a dispute and providing details about the transaction to SHAZAM. Once your call is received, SHAZAM will open a claim.
  • SHAZAM dispute representatives will begin an investigation. Most claims are resolved within 5-10 business days.
  • If more time is needed to investigate the claim, they’ll apply a temporary credit to the account. Estimated time frames will be provided at the time of your call.
  • As the dispute process continues, you’ll be asked to provide supporting documents and signatures.

SHAZAM will contact you following the investigation when it is completed with their final decision.

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