System Upgrade FAQ’S & HINTS

PASSWORD:  When setting up your account online please note the password restrictions. Your password must be at least eight characters with 1 Upper case and 1 lower case, include a number between 0 – 9 and at least one of these special characters $ + ; = ? _ @ | ‘ < > . ^ ( ) % ! – .


REMOTE DEPOSIT:  You MUST ENDORSE the check, check the box for mobile deposit and write “For Mobile Deposit at Telco Triad Only.” If it isn’t endorsed correctly it will be rejected. If rejected, just correct the endorsement, take a new picture and re-submit for processing. Reminder: It can take UP TO FIVE BUSINESS DAYS TO DEPOSIT.


SCHEDULED ACH:  If you had a scheduled ACH (Automatic Clearing House) payment set up before the System Upgrade, we do apologize that some of those transactions did not transfer over. Please contact us to set it up.


SOFTWARE UPDATES:  We recommend that you make certain that your software has the latest version or updates on both your mobile devices and your computers.


TEXT BANKING:  Telco Triad Text Banking number is 712-201-0487. We recommend creating a new contact in your phone.


BILL PAY:  If you were using Bill Pay before the conversion (August 1) you do not have to set it up again. If you don’t see your vendors when you log in please give us a call.

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