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Want to Defer Your EXISTING Loan Payment with Us?

We are here to help if you need to defer a payment on a loan you already have with us. We are waiving our deferment fee, too.     ·     To accept your loan request we only require that your loan is not past due. If you have difficulty in meeting this condition, call at Bonnie direct at 712-454-5009 OR Dawn at 712-212-9027 for a solution.   ·     By agreeing to this request your deferred payment, along with any additional interest, it will be added to the end of your loan contract.   ·     Please note that if your original contract included any credit life, disability or gap insurance, that benefit will stop at the original maturity of your contract. All other terms of your original contract will apply.     If you want to participate you can either call Bonnie or Dawn or pick up a copy of the loan deferment form at our branches.

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