Telco Triad Debit Card

• Unlimited Transactions
• No need to carry a checkbook or cash
• No identification required with transactions
• Purchases deducted right from your share draft or checking account and detailed on your statement
• Debit transactions listed on Telco Triad’s FREE online banking
• NO Surcharge Fee when used at a privileged status ATM

• No longer have to carry large amounts of cash
• Fraud Protection

• Accepted at most U.S. merchant locations

Daily Withdrawal Limits
Point of Sale (POS),  Merchant $ 1,000
ATM Withdrawal $    200

• Individual limits may be increased by calling Telco Triad at 712-252-4368 ext. 6015
• Account inquiries available from both share and share draft accounts
• Cash back available using your debit card at participating MasterCard merchants


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