Steps to Using FREE Banzai Financial Courses

Steps on How to Begin Using our FREE BANZAI Courses

  1. To sign up go to
  2. Click on the blue and white “SIGN UP” button.
  3. Type in your age.  Telco Triad will not share your information.
  4. Enter your email address. Please make sure it’s spelled correctly.
  5. Enter your password. Choose your language and agree to terms.
  6. Click on “Sign Up.”
  7. Click on the “Continue” button.
  8. It will take you to a page that says “Take Pretest,”etc. Click on “Take Pretest.”
    Don’t worry, if at any time you need to log out your information will be saved and you can continue where you left off at another time. This online course works on any smart phone, computer, tablet, etc.  Telco Triad is proud to present this educational online tool to better serve you, your family and the online community for FREE! Please SHARE with your loved ones or your favorite teachers. 

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