SHAZAM Bolt$ Mobile App Update




Now you can do even more on the latest SHAZAM Bolt$ Mobile App. If you haven’t downloaded this mobile app yet, search “SHAZAM Bolt$” in your app store. Travel notices can be submitted to Telco Triad using the Bolt$ mobile app on your Android or Apple device.  Letting us know when and where you’re traveling (out of your residential area) helps SHAZAM determine if transactions on your card were made by you, or if there’s potential fraud.

To get to the “Manage Travel Notices” screen, simply touch the menu icon (represented by the three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the Bolt$ balance screen. Then, follow the prompts to set your travel dates and destinations.

In addition to sending travel notices, all Telco Triad debit card owners also have access to benefits from the SHAZAM Bolt$ app, such as:

  • Instantly transfer money with a debit card. P2P (Person to Person) transactions are easy and convenient for making payments such as: paying a friend back for lunch, or sending birthday money to your grandkids.
  • Card-freezing. Don’t go through the hassle of canceling your debit card if you think it’s just been misplaced. This app allows you to turn your debit card on and off with a touch of a button.
  • Get instant alerts for purchases when: exceeding a card-holder-defined amount, phone or internet purchases, or suspicious and high-risk transactions. This allows you to monitor your account and take advantage of SHAZAM’s technology to fight fraud.
  • Locate surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

Don’t have the app yet? No worries! Search SHAZAM Bolt$ in your app store and get started today!


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