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At Telco Triad were happy to tell you about "The Kirby Kangaroo Club"! The Kirby Kangaroo Club is for kids from birth through 12 years old. Kirby Club helps educate kids about finances and saving money and we have some fun too!
Kirby Kangaroo Club
 Hi Kids, Kirby Kangaroo here! I just got back from depositing my latest allowance money into my savings account at Telco Triad credit union and I thought I would let you know how awesome it feels to save! My mama helped me set up an account that I use to save money to buy presents for my friends over the holidays (sooo excited - they are coming up fast now!!). I was a little worried at the beginning because I thought of all the things I wanted to buy and didn’t know how I would save up enough money for everything. Then my mom showed me how to deposit money in my Kirby account. Every time I get a quarter, I just tuck it away in my Kirby Club savings account. I really like to keep track of how money I save from jobs for my mom (like emptying the dishwasher) and she gives me a quarter every other time I help out. Sometimes, if I do a really hard job, I get a quarter just for doing it once. And, one time, I FOUND a quarter on the sidewalk at the store. I asked the people around if it was theirs and they all said no, so mama said I could keep it! So far, I’ve filled up $30 in my account! If I had been working on it all year, I’d have even more than that! I’m so excited to be a saver and get to take care of my own money with my mom and dad's help! Ask your credit union about getting a Kirby Club savings account? Keep your money in a jar, a piggy bank, a box, or some other container at home. When you fill it up, take it to your credit union to put in your account. Your Friend, Kirby

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