Telco Triad Provides FREE Online Financial Education

What is BANZAI?
*Online Financial literacy software
*Used in over 25,000 schools nationwide to teach real-world finance in the classroom
*Over 800 financial institutions have partnered with Banzai nationwide

What tools does Banzai offer?
*Three financial courses (Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen, Banzai Plus) using a Learn-by-Doing or Experience Model
*It’s an interactive library with articles and financial calculators and Banzai Coach, which is an interactive teaching module.
*Banzai Coach. The current coaches available (with more coming) are; Debt Paydown, Bookkeeping, Financing, Marketing, Types of Businesses, Taxes, Licensing, Retirement, Budgeting and more.
*Financial Wellness Center. Members, employees and other users can log onto a portal to save their favorite articles, calculators, coaching sessions for easy access online 24/7.

We are proud to present this online tool – CLICK HERE – to better serve you, your family and our community for FREE!

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