A New Year Message from Tim Piepho

Dear Valued Members,

2020 was an unprecedented year that we will not want to experience again. We hope that our members were spared the negative impact of the COVID-19 virus. We at Telco Triad understand that our members and their families have been affected with pain, suffering, financial strife, and in some cases even loss of life. We reach out to all of you that you may be comforted in your struggles of loss.


There are goals and achievements being sought for the Credit Union moving forward. In 2020, we reported installation of a new, improved, more powerful computer system that will provide more capabilities to our membership and staff. We will be moving forward to meet your expectations in a changing culture of advanced digital technology. We also announced plans that we will begin 2021 spring construction of a new main facility on Floyd Boulevard, across from Sonic drive-in, while still maintaining a branch at our current location on Tri View Avenue.


Additional mortgage financing opportunities and other developments are being planned to bring positive impact and an increased value to your membership.


As your CEO for the last seven years and a total of 35 years at Telco Triad, I have announced that I will be retiring in 2021. I thank the members, our Board and staff for providing me with the wealth of experience and passion that has come with serving our credit union.


Following my June retirement brings anticipated excitement as I plan to catch up with time spent with my wife and grandchildren. My “Golden Years” may also include camping, traveling, and further frustration on the golf course. My retirement however, will come with a feeling of remorse. Throughout my years of service, many relationships were built that I will miss. Thank you credit union members, Board, staff, and others for your support and having the opportunity to work with, and for you.


Please know that your credit union membership is vital to our success and is something that we do not take for granted. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!


Our wish is that your New Year of 2021 be “Merry and Bright”!


Yours in Service,

Tim Piepho, CEO

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